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It's that time of year!
Enjoy a festive meal from Mackenzies.
Festive Menu

This Weeks Meals

Choose from our amazing weekly ready meals.

We launch new meals for the week every Friday

Meals & Xmas Menu

Pick from our delicious daily meals and now our Xmas Menu

For our Xmas Meals please Note: Prices are per person so 1 portion which will allow you to choose your own xmas meal.

Our daily meals have options for 2 persons or a Family size (suitable for a family of 3-4)

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Food Allergy Notice!

All Mackenzies meals are made in an environment where all 14 major allergens may be present, therefore whilst we have strict separation processes, we cannot guarantee that menu items will be completely free from any particular allergen. If you have any concerns, please contact us on 95358239 before ordering.

Coming Soon

Very soon we will be launching a range of sustainably sourced organic and other amazing products. Sign up to be notified when we launch.